Time travel

I’ve been listening to The Time Traveler’s Wife and thinking a lot about the nature of time.

I can’t figure out why we think of time as marching forward in a straight line. It really can’t, can it? I mean, the hour of your favorite TV show flies by while the twenty minutes in the dentist’s chair for your annual cleaning seems to take ten lifetimes. It’s Wednesday and I don’t know how it got to be.

I know that’s all about how we perceive time and not about time itself. But isn’t time just an arbitrary idea that we created to help us keep our lives on schedule?

So we pretend to march forward in even blocks of second, minutes, hours and days that seem to match the physical dimensions we able to perceive until we slip through a wormhole and come out on Wednesday and wonder how that happened. The truth is we are all unwilling time travelers.

Alternate explanation. We are just too damn busy to get everything done in a day.

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