The morning commute

Nothing beats the writer’s life. My morning commute is bed to coffee pot to chair. But my husband has managed a commute nearly as good here at Ohio State.

Monday was his first day of school and I decided to snap a picture of him as he walked to work. It was an impulse, and I hadn’t mentioned it to him. But I guess 25 years of marriage counts for something. As he came into view beyond the roof over Panera, he looked up. He told me later he wondered what that weird thing was sticking out of our window, then I waved and he realized what I was doing.

From OSU

You see, we have these huge windows, but I guess they don’t want us jumping out, so the screens only open a few inches. I’m able to stick the camera outside the window to snap pictures without the screen in them.

Here is walking to work.

From OSU

And naturally, the man stops to pose along the way.

From OSU

I just love that smile–makes my heart do a little dance.

From OSU

Then he walks on, passing behind the trees before he gets to his entrance. The Moritz College of Law is a bit of a maze. If he doesn’t go in the right entrance, he won’t find his office. I’ve walked those halls with him and wished I had a compass. I’m guessing by the time he has it figured out, it will be time for us to head back to Montana.

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