Swinging for the fences

Watching the Red Sox vs. Yankees game tonight. They showed a slo-mo replay of Jeter taking a huge swing that completely misses the ball. If you’ve ever watched a baseball game, you’ve seen this sort of thing. It sure makes the batter look silly.

Of course Jeter is one of the great hitters in the game. I say this even though, as a Red Sox fan, it pains me to acknowledge. A good hitter in baseball hits .300 of a bit higher. I think only the great Ted Williams ever hit .400 for a season. The famous hitter, Babe Ruth had a lifetime average of .342. He missed a lot.

Babe Ruth also hit a lot of home runs. Babe Ruth famously said: “I swing big, with everything I’ve got. I hit big or I miss big. I like to live as big as I can.”

The fact is if you don’t swing big, you will never hit a home run. If you’re very careful, you may make contact with the baseball more often and avoid that silly looking wiff–but you aren’t going to get the big hits. I’m working hard to incorporate this attitude into my writing. My motto is: Don’t hold back!

I’m not there yet, but it is where I’m headed.

Another place we need to swing for the fences is the Unleash Your Story event. I’ll admit it–setting that $23,000 goal was scary. It is a big goal. We are truly swinging for the fences and the possibility is that we will wiff and look really silly. But we can’t think about wiffing–that is the surest way to miss the ball. Instead we will give it everything we’ve got.

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