Stuff I haven’t done this week

In preparation for heading to D.C. for the Romance Writers of America national conference next week, I should have:

1. Got a hair cut.
2. Got a decent dress (or at least checked to see if my old one still fits)
3. Made a plan for what I’m doing when I get there
4. Finished my current WIP.

What I will do before I leave is #4. It is all I’ve been doing since arriving in NYC. Well, almost all–with the exception of the occasional eating, sleeping and making the apartment comply with Dept. of Sanitation standards. Oh, and hanging out on the internet during breaks. Speaking of which. Break over. Back to work.

Hope to see you in D.C.


  1. sayaka says:

    I didn’t know that-! It’s good to learn.

  2. Little known fact–milk can be frozen.

    Looking forward to seeing you in D.C.

  3. sayaka says:

    Well, I have one thing I shouldn’t have done, which is grocery shopping! I totally miscalculated and bought too much. Later I realized ya, I will be out of town over a week! Now I hope they will stay good until when I come back.

    Well, see you in DC-! 🙂

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