New York City

As I was out walking today, it occurred to me that I have to take a walk with my camera and get some pictures to post. But of course, I haven’t done that. I need to write up some of my musings on living in the city. But of course, I have no time for that because I’ve been trying to finish a novel.

So–I’ll make this quick. Noise. Lots of noise. On the plus side–trees. Lots of food. Dunkin’ Donuts. Maybe not gourmet, but there it is. I love Dunkin’ and we don’t have it in Montana. I’m trying really hard not to make up for years of deprivation in these few weeks.

TV channels. Not spending tons of time on TV, but I did flip through the hundreds of channels on the the cable here and found that (if we paid for them, which we don’t) we could get a French channel, Italian channel, Polish channel and more. We do get tons of Spanish channels an Indian channel and an Arab channel.

Okay. Back to work.

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