Time Warp

It’s 9:33 in New York City as I write this.

My problem–I’m used to being in Montana. So, when I see 9:30 on the clock, I’m thinking it’s already late morning on the East Coast. Not so. Actually, it’s really early in Montana.

I just zapped an e-mail to a friend in Iraq. I think for her it’s tonight while my day is just getting started. But lately she’s been working a night shift, so we’ve been online at the same time a few times–me in Montana and her in the Middle East. We perceive time differently and yet experience each moment simultaneously.

Which brings me back to my original thought. Like most people, I live my life in a pretty linear mode most of the time, until something puts in my in touch with another time. Usually, it’s a phone call. When I’m in Montana, my critique group is in three different time zones–Mountain, Central and Eastern. We schedule calls for times like this: Let’s meet at 11-12-1.

Or I take a trip to visit my daughter in Seattle. Woo hoo! Gained an hour. Head home–dang–lost the hour again. Fly all day to get to Uruguay and lose three hours in the process. Or drive cross-country from Montana to New York city and hardly notice the two hour difference because it happened over a period of five days.

So here I sit now and it is getting to be late morning on the East Coast and YIKES! I haven’t written or revised a word yet today, so why am I floating around this time warp?

Commercial announcement: If you’re like me and love to puzzle over time. If you would rather read time travel stories that are actually fun, exciting and interesting (as opposed to ramble-y and non-nonsensical like this blog post), check out the Time Raiders Series presented by RomVets (a group of Kick-Ass heroines who served their country in uniform, or in some cases are currently serving, and now use all that energy to tell fantastic stories).

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