No time, no time

“Shall I rush this rush job before I rush the rush job I’m rushing now?”

So read the caption of a cartoon my mom displayed above her work station in the print shop she owned with my dad. It is the line that always comes to me when I feel my life being consumed with urgent tasks.

In about 24 hours, I expect to be squeezing the final items into my little car and heading east to the Big Apple where my husband is teaching summer school and my daughter will be attending summer school. We have a nice furnished apartment, so it’s not like I need to pack the whole house, but I am trying to make a bit of space amidst the clutter for our house/pet sitter. He tells me he has a lot of books–so last night I was clearing off a bookcase (we have many in this house).

Now, I’m off to pack some boxes to ship items that will not fit in the car. The rest of the day will be spent de-cluttering the basement (we’ve spent several days at this task and yet we still have clutter). Compared to this, driving should be a relaxing experience.

No time for sitting around surfing. Must check more tasks off the list.

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