Google e-books

Right now you can search Google books, get many public domain books and read excerpts from books that are in copyright.

I was searching my publisher’s website recently and discovered that Kensington has linked to Google for previews of the newer books. For example, go to the page for Lords of Desire and click on the Google previews button.

Now I see in the NY Times that Google is entering the e-book business seriously. The plan, apparently, is to allow consumers to purchase the e-book version of a book direct from the Google search page. Cover prices would be set by publishers. According to the article, Google is promising the system will be in place by the end of 2009.

This is definitely something to keep an eye on. As e-book purchases become more convenient they are likely to increase in popularity. The inefficient paper book selling business is going to need to make some serious changes to compete.

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