Parting thoughts

We’ve packed our bags and now we are just waiting around for the long flight home. Actually, we start with a short flight from Montevideo to Buenas Aires–then it is a long, long flight to Miami. But I digress.

Here are so more random thoughts–mostly about what I’ll miss.

Strawberry juice. Offered for breakfast every morning at our hotel. Taste and texture leads me to believe this is just a bunch of strawberries tossed in a blender and juicified. The orange juice (which also seems fresh squeezed) is a bit watery, but that strawberry juice–yum!

Speaking of breakfast–dulce de leche. This is what caramel would want to be, if it could. Soft, creamy and sweet–it is perfect. Spread it on bread, sandwich it in a croissant (media luna), drop a dollop in your coffee, or eat it straight. Later in the day put it on ice cream or in the middle of a sandwich cookie. Dulce de leche is the perfect treat.

Going downstairs in the morning and having everyone smile and say, “buen dia.” Don’t know why it’s not “buenas dias” like we learned in Spanish class, but there you have it. It’s so catchy, I use it with my students who, of course, practice their English with me by saying, “hi.” When you can say buen dia instead, “hi” just seems so blah.

Grapefruit soda. There are a couple of kinds here (grapefruit seems to be a more popular flavor here than in the states). It’s good. Not too sweet. Thirst quenching. Yum.

La Rambla. Our hotel is about a block from La Rambla Mahatma Ghandi (La Rambla has different names as it goes along the river). You can walk, jog (watch the joggers), bike or just hang out. La Rambla is the one smooth sidewalk in the city. Note: I did not trip and fall on La Rambla.

The beach is lovely and the atmosphere is relaxed. La Rambla is one of the major highlights of Montevideo.

Parrilla. The Uruguayans and Argentinians make the “ll” sound a like a soft “j”. So, this is par-y-ja. Barbecue never tasted so good. You have not experienced steak until you’ve had parrilla. Do have it with roasted sweet potatoes for a special treat!

I will miss my students. Two weeks is barely enough time to start getting to know a class and this was a particularly large class, with nearly 40 students. But helping them through their first class in American law was a joy. I hope to return next year and look forward to seeing them again.


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