Stormy Montevideo

This is what the weather is supposed to be like in May–rainy and cold. We’re in the southern hemisphere, so May is like November in the north. Well, sort of. It doesn’t ever get as cold here as it can get in Montana in November. At least I’ve never felt truly cold.

We did get soaked getting to work yesterday. We walk about three blocks to the bus. That wasn’t so bad–except that the rain was coming at us horizontally due to high winds. Still we got on the bus just a little damp. Unfortunately, the bus didn’t make it all the way to the university and we ended up walking the last five or six blocks. With that wind slamming the rain at us we both ended up with wet pants and soaked feet. Fortunately, we’d both chosen to wear our sneakers and pack our good shoes, so we had dry shoes to change into upon arrival.

Here’s a photo that shows the strong wind blowing.

From Uruguay 09

Click on the Uruguay 09 link to view the entire updated album.

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