Universidad de Montevideo

Here I am getting ready for the first day of class at UM. The law school here recognizes the need for their graduates to understand international law and they bring in U.S. attorneys and professors to teach several required classes in U.S. law.

My husband is teaching Contracts and Torts while I get the class in introduction to U.S. law. Not only are specific U.S. laws different, but we have a whole different system. Our legal system can be traced to the English common law and Uruguay goes back to the European civil law system.

It’s fun to teach the class and talk to the students about their system as well as ours. This is my second time doing this and I learned a lot the first time. I look forward to learning more and getting to see more of the beautiful country of Uruguay.

Must get to work now finishing my class preparation (and practicing pronouncing all the names). I’ll post more pictures later.

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