RomVets and Diabetes Research

Just a quick note here as I race through this last day home before heading to South America (expect some photos and news from Uruguay soon).

I wanted to remind everyone to place your bids at the Brenda Novak auction for diabetes research. One of the many wonderful items you’ll find to bid on comes from my buddies at RomVets. We are a group of women who have served or are serving in the military and now write romance.

shield_small Our basket is item number 1379078


  1. Yikes! Kathy–that sounds like a really tough struggle. Diabetes really does lead to problems all over the body. So glad your husband has you to help.

  2. Kathy Crouch says:

    Teresa this is so timely. My husband has had type 2 diabetes for several years. In 2006 he quit taking care of himself including watching his diet and taking his medication. Just this past week we spent three days on the road to and from Fort Hood, TX (we’re TRICARE Prime through there) 331 miles round trip. Exhausting long days spent dealing with glaucoma in his left eye, he’s now blind in it, they are trying to prevent him losing the eye all together. He smokes like a chimney and I know it will and is killing him. He’s only 60 and his body looks like a 100 the way it’s shrinking.

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