He’s Just Not that Into You

This movie was not exactly what I’d expected. He’s Just Not That Into You isn’t your typical romantic comedy. Yes, it has it’s romantic moments and it’s definitely funny, but it doesn’t fit the romantic comedy formula of one couple overcoming obstacles to find their happily ever after.

As we watch several different women and men doing the difficult mating dance of the twenty-first century, the one theme that emerges is how great we all are at self-deception. And it’s no wonder, since we seem to get help from our friends who, in a desire to be supportive, work to convince us that we are on the right track. That the man or woman we’re dancing for really is watching with desire. Good friends are slow to say–“he’s just not that into you.”

While this may seem like a depressing theme, it doesn’t turn out to be. Somehow through all the blunders and closing of eyes, love emerges. Love may not conquer all, but it is powerful enough to let itself be known in spite of the best human efforts to avoid it, force it or stomp on it. Love is not inevitable, but it is worth the effort.

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