Lie to Me–go ahead, it’s easy

Have you been watching the new Fox show, “Lie to Me“? I love the way this show gets into people’s head and shows us how we reveal we’re angry, lying, etc.

I thought last night’s show episode was a particularly good one. If you missed it, you can watch it online. The episode title is “Best Policy.” Now, I have to say I’m pretty sure it’s easy to lie to me. I’m extremely trusting and gullible (and no, I’m not going to send you money from my bank account electronically to help you get around your country’s inheritance laws–I’m not that gullible). Also, I haven’t spent years studying psychology and learning how to understand body language.

That said, if my wife was an expert on identifying deception, I don’t think I’d have the balls to cheat on her. Can you imagine? What an interesting long-range plot they have going on in that show as we see the experts who can always solve the problem for others having to deal with the reality of deception in their own lives. And watching the dynamic between Lightman and Dr. Foster is really fun. Oh–and the ther characters Torres and Loker are fascinating, too. It’s a really well-balanced cast of characters.

I like this show a lot. No lie.

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