Visiting the Inland Empire

For those of you who don’t live in Montana, you may think of Spokane, Washington as a small town. You may never have heard of it (unless you’re a college basketball fan–then you must have heard of Gonzaga).

To folks in Missoula, Spokane is the “big city.” We make the three hour drive over the mountains for a shopping trip or to visit the nearest Imax theater, or perhaps to take in a Broadway show. Don’t get me wrong–Missoula has a nice Mall, nice restaurants and good entertainment. Besides our local communityh theatre there are some terrific productions at the University. Still, once in a while we like to broaden our horizons and the nearest place to do that is Spokane.

Naturally, when I heard about the writing conference being put on by the Inland Empire Chapter of RWA, I signed up to come. So I’m here with Stella Cameron, Linda Lael Miller and a really nice group of published and unpublished writers.

I’ll write later this weekend with some of the highlights of the conference.

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