At the airport

I always have this feeling when I’m sitting and waiting for a flight. What is it? It’s a sort of let down, I guess. After a morning of rushing around trying to pack and get a few things done before I left for the airport, everything is suddenly at a standstill.

Whatever is left undone will be that way until I get home. Except for the last 4 Rita books, which I plan to read on this trip and the writing I can do on my laptop. And the every present essays to grade. In other words, I will be plenty busy on my trip! But I’ve also left a houseful of things I need to finish. Top of the list is finishing the de-clutterfication of my office. It will keep for a few days.

Take a deep breath. Here comes the airplane that will carry me to Seattle. There I’ll meet my daughter and fly on to L.A. Five days of relative quiet and back home again. Just looked out the window again. That’s not my plane. It will be here soon. Maybe I can grade an essay before I have to shut this laptop down. Or . . . I could get started on one of those books. That’s a lot more appealing.

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