A big turn around

I just noticed that my last subject was “Warm and Sunny Missoula”. It’s past time to write again. A lot has happened, but first, the weather report. Looking out the window I see gray skies. Much more normal for February. One reason I planned my trip to Los Angeles for this week. I just checked the weather there and find it will be mid 60’s and partly cloudy. So–maybe not a huge change, but I’ll probably see more sun there than I would here.

Okay–Oscars. How about that “Slum Dog Millionaire”? If you haven’t seen it yet–do see it. I talked about my Slum Dog experience a couple of weeks ago. I viewed the movie as a sweet romance (with a lot of horrible violence and hard to watch poverty). There was an interesting guest column in our local paper last week with a contrary view point. It was written by a professor at the University here who is from India. In her view, Slum Dog goes to far in depicting the dark side of the slums. Read it for yourself.

Altogether Oscar night went pretty much as predicted by experts. Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz and Heath Ledger were all expected to win. Slum Dog seemed the most likely Best Picture. Most experts I heard did predict Mickey Rourke, but they knew Sean Penn had a chance as well. It was fun to watch it all play out. I enjoyed Kate Winslet’s speech. You can see highlights from the night at I loved Deniro’s line–“how for so many years did Sean Penn get all those roles playing straight guys?”

Now, off for a busy day of getting ready for my trip!

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