Quiet Sunday

Not that it was supposed to be. I have piles of stuff to do, but some days a quiet day can seem productive.

Started out the day by finally getting a draft together of a query and synopsis. This was big, people. I was up unto about 3 a.m. working on it and didn’t have it done. I got up at 7 and finally got a decent draft together by the time I left for church. It is by no means perfect, but I sent it off to various kind people who agreed to read and advise–so I can put it aside for a few days. Hopefully, I’ll actually get the query off this week.

Of course there was church. Then a quick peanut butter sandwich while I finished another Rita book. Woohoo!! Still haven’t decided on a score. I’m mulling. But I’m done reading it. Still have another six to go.

Then off to writers group at Java U. We didn’t write. Usually we write, but today we are all very chatty and we rambled for two hours. But honestly, it was a good session and I’m happy I went.

Now home, the day is nearly over and I have some work to do as soon as I’m done here. Considering I only got 4 hours sleep, I feel pretty good. Even watching Meet The Press isn’t making me feel depressed (well, not too depressed). Off to grade an essay or two now.

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