Happy Valentines Day

I started my valentine off with some buttermilk pancakes this morning. How about you?

It seems that Valentines Day is the special holiday of romance writers. It’s a good day to curl up with a hot romance, eat chocolates and plan a date with your significant other. How much of this is chemical?

Here’s an article from Reuters talking about the chemistry of kissing. Is good kissing important to a relationship? Duh!

Every romance writer knows the importance of those kisses. It doesn’t matter how hot the sex scene is, if you can’t write a decent kiss, the relationship is sunk. Kissing can be more intimate than sex. Mouths are sensual, warm and an important means of communicating emotion on so many levels. Is it surprising that we use them for kissing? We use kisses to signal our physical desire, or not. There’s the maternal kiss, the brotherly kiss and there’s THE KISS.

The “no holds barred,” open-mouthed, tongue driving, lip-smashing kiss. Not subtle, but way more romantic than saying, let’s have sex. The ultimate show, don’t tell.

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