Girl Scout Cookies and Peanut Butter

For me it’s all about the Do-Si-Dos. Those are crunchy oatmeal cookies with a yummy peanut butter filling. Wait a minute, you say. Don’t eat that cookie! It may contain the salmonella virus.

Don’t worry. Neither of the authorized Girl Scout cookie bakers has purchased peanut products from Peanut Corporation of America, the source of the salmonella outbreak. Girl Scout Cookies are safe. Check out the press release from Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. to get the facts for yourself.

Now, if I’ve given you a craving for Thin Mints or Samoas, you can call your local Girl Scout Council to find out about their cookie sale. They are usually listed in the phone book under “Girl Scouts”. Or, visit Girl Scout Cookies dot Org, fill in your zip code, and you will be given a form to fill in your e-mail and phone contact info. Your local Girl Scout Council will help you hook up with Girl Scouts in your area who will take your order.

BTW, on the subject of peanuts–if you have peanut allergies you should still be able to indulge in Thin Mints. Check with your local Girl Scouts. I know around here, we get our cookies from Little Brownie Bakers where they have a dedicated line for Thin Mints that runs pretty much seven days a week. Since no other type of cookie is made on that line, they can be certain there are no traces of nuts in the Thin Mint.

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