Mrs. A

Way back when I had the privilege to attend the University of Oregon School of Law,

During my three years and for many years before and after, the woman who kept the school running smoothly was Mrs. Lois Ackerman, better known to everyone as, Mrs. A.

She was the kind of person who remembered everyone’s name–no easy feat when you consider how many students came and went each year. It was a tradition back then for the graduating class to select a member of the faculty to read each graduate’s name as we were called up to be hooded.

We wanted Mrs. A. There was no faculty member who knew us all and would pronounce all of our names correctly, but we knew that Mrs. A could handle that job. Of course–she wouldn’t consider doing it. She was far to humble.

That was Mrs. A–quiet, unassuming and efficient. She really cared about all her students and took care of each of them.

Recently, the UO Law School sent a message to alumni and friends notifying us that Mrs. A passed away on January 8. She will be missed.

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