Happy, smart romance readers

I love it when romance readers are acknowledged for being smart.

On the premiere episode of “Lie To Me”, we meet Dr. Gillian Foster, played by Kelli Williams. She’s pretty, intelligent and married. Dr. Foster is professional and seems to be very sensitive and empathetic and has a positive outlook on life. She’s a great foil for the grumpy, suspicious and pessimistic Dr. Cal Lightman, played by Tim Roth.

In one exchange, Dr. Lightman accuses Dr. Foster of “reading romance novels.” She acknowledges that she does read them because they make her happy.

I went back and watched the scene again. It goes something like this:

Dr. Foster: You think I’m naive because I don’t share your twisted view of the world.

Dr. Lightman: That and you read romance novels.

Dr. Foster: Yes I do–because they make me happy.

Sounds like a sensible woman to me.

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