It continues

Sure, it seems to be taking forever, but I am making progress. Heck I’m actually typing in my office now. Sitting in my office chair, which is way better for my back then the recliner I’ve been using. I’ve got my nice big monitor set up and a place to set my laptop. I also have a new wireless keyboard that I’m slowly getting used to.

The only problem with this setup is that I have to reach forward to use the mouse. I think I’ll be learning more keyboard commands. The mouse reach is a bit of a bother because I messed up my rotator cuff (is that how it’s spelled? I should learn how to spell it since it is causing me a lot of pain). Anyway, reaching is no fun–as in it hurts.

I still have boxes to clear and junk piled up on my actual desk, but I’m slowly getting there. I’ve filled up several garbage cans and several boxes for Goodwill. Plenty more where that came from, believe me.

That’s Reilly lounging on the floor. He stays, but most of those boxes are full (or in the process of getting filled) with stuff for Goodwill and Girl Scouts. There’s also a box full of white paper for recycle. Amazing how much out-dated white paper I have sitting around this place. Mostly Girl Scout training stuff and not manuscripts. I try to avoid printing manuscripts these days.

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