The Big Deadline

Time is running out on your 2008 New Year’s resolutions.

Need to loose 5 pounds before midnight? Good luck with that.

Finish your novel? Maybe if you’re within a thousand words of THE END.

Don’t be smug if you met all your 2008 goals. I mean–congratulations, but please don’t make fun of the rest of us. Sometimes things just don’t come together the way they should. Illness, family emergencies and just plain inertia can make things tough.

If you are in that large group of folks who fell short in 2008, don’t give up. Today is a day for looking forward. It’s like the first day of the baseball season. Anything is possible. Any team can be the next World Series Champ.

Let’s look forward to a productive 2009. And while we’re at it, let’s put in some prayers for the leaders of the world who are dealing with war, famine and financial crises.

Happy New Year everyone!

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