She’s here!

The Oosterdam is beautiful and right outside our window!

oosterdam-from-hotel-balcon The funny thing is that when we arrived yesterday, my husband talked to the concierge about getting to the ship. The information we have says that the ship sails at 1700 and we must be on board at least 1.5 hours before that.

The hotel check-out is 1200, so we wondered how soon after noon we could head over to the ship. The concierge tells him that they start boarding at 1300 and the hotel starts sending shuttles at 1145.

Shuttles? my husband asks. Isn’t it a walk?

I’m pretty sure we’re just going to walk over. I mean, I don’t think I could literally throw a stone (I have a lousy arm). But we walked further than this for dinner last night.

BTW, we had dinner at The Fish Market. Yum! The tasty seafood was enhanced by a lovely visit with my brother and sister-in-law who were kind enough to make the 100 mile drive to see us.

A couple more pics from our balcony this morning.

terminal-signThe Oosterdam on the Cruise Terminal sign and

a close up of the Oosterdam.


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