108 Year Rivalry

There are some historic football rivalries in this country, but one of the longest and most hard fought is right here in Montana.

Montana and Montana State met for the 108th time today. That’s a long history for a place like Montana. We’ve only been a state for 119 years, since 1889 (I confess, I had to look it up).

It was a wild game, but Montana came out on top with a 35-3 victory. The game was a lot closer than that score reveals. MSU had a few bad breaks and several blown opportunities. I think Montana would have won even if MSU had been able to capitalize on their opportunities, but it would have been close.

My only real claim to being a Griz fan is that I live here in Missoula. My husband teaches at the U and I used to work there myself. So, I have some connections. I love rooting for the Griz. It’s a new experience for me, rooting for a winning team. My high school–John A. Rowland, won only 1 game in my four years there. I still remember that game. It was the first game of the season and we were playing a team that should have creamed us. For some crazy reason, Rowland scored three touchdowns right before the half. I was in the band and we were in the end zone preparing for the half-time show when one or two of those extra points were kicked over our heads.

In the second half that team went on to score 20 points, so we won it 21-20. They went on to be undefeated for the rest of the season and every week in the newspaper the coach would be asked–so how did you lose to Rowland?

Then there was UCLA. They have had a few good football seasons, but not during the years I went there. I also briefly attended University of Michigan. They are much more of a football powerhouse, but I was there for only half a year and it wasn’t the football season, so I don’t feel I can claim the Wolverines. My library science degree is from University of Tennessee and the Vols do have a great football tradition, but I relate more to my law school–where the University of Oregon Ducks are more into track and field. All in all, if I’m going to be a football fan, I’d just as soon follow the Grizzlies.

So, you will find me here most Saturdays, wearing my Grizzly gear and watching the game on TV while I work on my computer. Not writing (I can’t watch TV and write at the same time), but catching up on my blogs or other things. Go Grizz! Playoffs, here we come!

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