Gorgeous fall days

It’s November in Western Montana and that usually means lots of clouds and cold. We’ve been really luck this year with several bright sunny days in a row. I’m watching the weather report now and it looks like we’ll have more sunshine tomorrow.

I’ll try to get out there with my camera and take a picture to post here.

Half way through NaNoWriMo and I’m not half-way to my goal. I’ve done 1800 words so far today and my WriteWay Pro word tracker tells me that I need to do at least 3100 per day to meet my goal (which is 60,000 rather than the required 50,000). That is actually doable, but we’ll see if I actually do it!



  1. Hi–
    I’m still writing. Now up to 2183 on the day. Still hoping for 3,000.

    60,000 is a lot, but we still have 14 days to go!

  2. I wanted to make it to 60,000 words this year, too, but I’m having a hard time of it and I’ve pretty much accepted that I’m shooting for 50k. Glad to hear the weather’s favourable there and that the writing is going as well as it is. 1,800 words in a day is nothing to sneeze at. Good luck writing!

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