God Bless America

We are entering an exciting time of transition. Whatever you political views, if you’re American, I think you can be especially proud of our country right now. I’m a veteran of the U.S. Army. I’ve always loved my country, but it is at times like these that I’m reminded of how special it is.

I cried when John McCain gave his concession speech. This is truly what our country is all about–fighting hard over policies, but only with words. Once we’ve voted, we accept the will of the people and look forward. The ideological struggles will continue, but as Americans we respect those in elected office. We may not agree with them. We have a right not to. We have a right to continue to urge our policies. But we respect the office. When a new president is elected, we respect the man (or woman one of these days) and give our support and a chance to prove himself. Thank you John McCain for sharing this wisdom. If you haven’t seen the speech, check out this video from MSNBC via YouTube.

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