Sunny Las Vegas

I’m sitting by the pool at the South Point Hotel. My Windows Vista weather widget is set for home–Missoula, Montana. I’m seeing 47 degrees and rain.

Here I sit in the shade (way too hot in the sun and hard to see the laptop screen besides), enjoying some pleasant music, the laughter of splashing children and a chance to just relax. I’m smiling!

At the South Point Pool

At the South Point Pool

After my husband gets out of the hot tub I’ll get him to take a photo that I can look back on when I’m shivering at home later this winter.

Scott in the hot tub

Scott in the hot tub


  1. There is frost on the pumpkins in New Jersey and gasoline can be purchased for $2.65/gallon.
    Yet nobody wants to come to NJ, everybody wants to go to Vegas and get warm.
    Global warming or just winter coming on, whatever, Teresa, have a great time!

  2. Wow Teresa! I’m impressed. Once again, you should get bonus points just for dedication! LOL

    Enjoy the time in Las Vegas…translated…enjoy the warmth while you can!

  3. I’m sure if my father were here, he would say your heart was in the right place. Spelling doesn’t count nearly as much as heart.

  4. Angie Fox says:

    Nice digs, Teresa with no “h.” And I promise to avoid the “h” from now on. Especially in book acknowledgements. Don’t tell your dad about that one. 🙂


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