Emerald City Writers Conference

Okay, this is not so much a rant as a rave. If you’re a writer in the Northwest (or you just want an excuse to visit the Northwest), put the Emerald City Writers Conference on your list of conferences you must attend.

Once again. the wonderful volunteers from the Greater Seattle Romance Writers of America Chapter, put together a terrific concerence. There was a great selection of top notch agents and editors, as well as a range of writers from newbies to bestsellers. Since networking is an improtant part of any good conference, you need to have a range of people to meet. They were there.

The Bellevue Hilton is a step up from the old Coast Hotel of conferences past. The conference was outgrowing the Coast, which was a great spot in its day. Sadly the Coast has become a little shabby. The Hilton had fine food, great coffee (both in the restaurant and from the Tully’s in the lobby) and a pleasant atmosphere. The booksigning was in a very comfortable space.

So–thanks GSRWA for another terrific conference!

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